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Help & FAQs

Have questions on how to use You're in the right place.

Many questions about the interface can be answered by viewing our Pay4Tweet Intro video below. You can find advice about tweeting and answers to other process-related questions in the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) area beneath the video. If you still need answers, ask using the form in the right column.

Video produced by Charles Wright


But I don't want to be a sell out and sell ads on my Twitter page. How can Pay4Tweet work for me?

If you don't feel comfortable having ads in your Twitter stream, we recommend creating another Twitter page that's dedicated to ads. You can also re-use these within your blog or web page using the Pay4Tweet plugin to give your advertisers even more exposure.

Why should I use Pay4Tweet?

Pay4Tweet helps you create money-making opportunities where none existed before. Not only can you sell tweets, but you can sell text ads that are supplied by tweets. You can buy ad space and fill it with the Pay4Tweet Plugin, then resell text ads within that space. is easy to use as is our Pay4Tweet plugin. The revenue possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Remember, a tweet is just text, and Google has made a fortune just selling text. Now, it's your turn.

Why is my Twitter page worth anything?

You and your personal network are valuable. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

Who can advertise on my Twitter page?


Can I review the ad before its posted?

Once you've provided permission and a price, an advertiser has control over the content they will use to drive new business to their web site.

What checks are in place to prevent spammers and other unsavory characters from posting trashy ads?

They have to pay. Having to validate AND pay through a payment process does wonderful and magical things when it comes to weeding out spammers.

How does advertising on Twitter compare to banner ads, email, and paid search?

That's a trick question. None of those other methods allow your message to be publicly shared and reshared over and over again via API, retweets, and even within those advertising channels. The benefits really come not just with how you use your tweet ads, but how they are RE-used.

How does Pay4Tweet make money?

Pay4Tweet makes money through services related to creating and managing tweet ad campaigns, and through fees from heavy users of the site.

How are Twitter Estimated Values calculated?

We take a Twitter Grader score then work some logarithmic magic on that number to determine the final value.

Can I assign more than one price to my Twitter page?


Are all of my prices visible to everyone?

Only your highest price is presented on the price list. However, links that you create for lower prices will also be publicly viewable to everyone when they go to that link.

How can I measure impressions and click-throughs for my ad?

We recommend using Google Analytics,, or Clicky to measure the performance of your campaigns. Google Analytics also has a handy-dandy URL Builder page that further helps identify the source of traffic from the links you use in your campaigns.

Aren't there other companies doing this?

Other companies sell tweets. Pay4Tweet sells advertising opportunities using tweets.

What are the maximum and minimum price limits?

$1, $10,000

My Twitter Accounts


By adding a Twitter account you'll be able to make money by selling tweets on your Twitter page.

Estimated Tweet Value

Price Calculation (per Tweet)

Twitter Grade


The estimated tweet value is based on the Twitter Grade generated from the API.

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